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"We do things differently here. We don't care how it appears to outsiders. We care about how it helps you grow." Medcalf & Jadin

Coaching and Support Staff

Head Coach:  Neil Beavan
Assistant Coach: Clayton Petrie
Assistant Coach: Luke Tollenaar
Video Coach: Dallas Ansell
Trainer: Presley Kruk
Manager:  Rebecca Nome;  (780) 618-6775

Director:  Scott Papineau (


U15AA Arena Rules

Please also review the Facility Protocol Document, and ensure that the Online Daily Checklist is completed as required.

Note:  No Spectators are allowed for any PAC Practices.  PAC will be adhering to the No Spectator policy as set out under the TLC guidelins

  • Reminder that players should be arriving no more than 15 minutes before their scheduled ice time. 
  • Players should be fully dressed upon arrival. 
  • Dressing rooms are available for players to tie skates and adjust gear prior to their ice session only. 
  • All bags etc. need to be removed from the dressing room or brought on the bench. 
  • Dressing rooms needs to be clear so arena staff can clean during ice times.


Alberta Health Daily Checklist

All players, goalies, coaches, on-ice officials, and off-ice officials are REQUIRED to review the Alberta Daily Checklist prior to participating in any PAC activity. If they answer YES to any of the questions, they are not permitted to attend the activity. THERE ARE NO LONGER ONLINE FORMS THAT NEED TO BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED PRIOR TO AN ICE SESSION OR OTHER PAC ACTIVITY.