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Coaching & Support Staff

Head Coach:  Sheridan Noddin
Assistant Coach:  AJ Hambly
Assistant Coach:  Dylan Green
Team Trainer:  Matt Warkentin
Team Trainer:  Paige Branting
Manager: Lori Papineau 

Alberta Health Daily Checklist

All players, goalies, coaches, on-ice officials, and off-ice officials are REQUIRED to review the Alberta Daily Checklist prior to participating in any PAC activity. If they answer YES to any of the questions, they are not permitted to attend the activity. THERE ARE NO LONGER ONLINE FORMS THAT NEED TO BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED PRIOR TO AN ICE SESSION OR OTHER PAC ACTIVITY.


* Just a reminder that players (except for goalies) must show up no earlier than 15 minutes prior to ice time for practices and 30 minutes for home games .

The Alberta Health Daily Checklist will need to be reviewed each day prior to the start of the ice session.

Please be sure to check the facilities protocol link for updates on arena capacity and proper procedures.
If you have any questions please contact the U18AA Director, Todd Lynes.

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